The January Dog of the Month – Brisket

by Catherine Rhegness

The January Dog of the Month is Brisket. He is a 6-year-old adult that is very playful and good with kids. Brisket will be over 44 pounds fully grown and loves to play and cuddle with his best friend. Brisket came from a cruelty investigation and is seeking the love he deserves. He is an extremely handsome dog being a mix breed with white and brown hair. Brisket’s adoption fee has been sponsored. He would love a home where he will be loved by his new family.

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Brain Teasers

By Camey Jay

1. In September, you pick me when I’m good and ready.

In October, you cut me intentionally to make me look worse.

In November, you trash me like you never knew me.

What am I?

2. Twice ten are six of us,

Six are but three of us,

Nine are but four of us;

What can we possibly be?

Would you know more of us?

Twelve are but six of us,

Five are but four, do you see?

What are we?

3. What kind of room has no windows or doors?

4. A man gave one son 10 cents and another son was given 15 cents. What time is it?

5. “My grandson is about as many days as my son is weeks, and my grandson is as many months as I am in years. My grandson, my son and I together are 140 years. Can you tell me my age in years?”

6. There is one in a minute and two in a moment, but only one in a million years. What is it?






1. A pumpkin, or Jack-o-Lantern, in October for Halloween

2. Letters

3. Mushrooms

4. 1:45. The man gave away a total of 25 cents. He divided it between two people. Therefore, he gave a quarter to two.

5. 84 years old

6. The letter M

Gingerbread Men Contest Results

This month, BearPause hosted its first ever “Gingerbread Man” decoration contest. Students were given the opportunity to tkae a gingerbread man outline and decorate it however they preferred. We loved the outburst of creativity and joy these gingerbread men bought to our hallway!

We had some outstanding applicants but could only pick one winner. For winning the contest, a Starbucks giftcard and holiday goodie bakset will be provided. The winner of the BearPause 2018 Gingerbread Man contest is:

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 8.30.17 AM.png

Happy Starbucks Gingerbread Man – Annika Padhye

Thank you so much Annika!

Well there could only be one winner, we had many beautiful gingerbread men that we just had to share! We hope you enjoy them too!

Quick Facts with Collin December

by Collin Miller

1. During the Cold War, CIA agents would communicate based on how their shoelaces were tied.

2. The Opah, or Lampris Guttatus, is the only known warm-blooded fish in the world.

3. In 2002, more people were killed by dogs than sharks in the past 100 years.

4. The main difference between hares and rabbits is that hares are born with hair and can see while bunnies are born without fur and can’t see.

5. The word “almost” is the longest English word to have all the letters in alphabetical order.

December Cat of the Month – Val

The December Cat of the Month is Val. He is a brown/black domestic shorthair mix. He is only 2 months and 24 days old. Val may be tiny, but he sure is mighty! He is very playful, but at the same time he is one of the most loving cats I know. Val would be a great family pet with a lot of love and compassion to share.

Located at Petsmart, 27161 Crossroads Pkwy, Rossford, OH.

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December Dog of the Month – Eddie

by Catherine Rhegness

Eddie is the December Dog of the Month! Eddie was brought to the humane society through the cruelty partner because his previous owner became extremely sick and was not able to take care of me anymore. Eddie is a mixed breed that will grow up to 44 pounds. He is 10 months, and 25 days old and was brought to the humane society on December 28th. Eddie is playful, great with children, and loves to give kisses. He is such a sweet dog that cares about his family just as much as he cares about himself.

The Humane Society is located at 826 Illinois Ave, Maumee.

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Quick Facts with Collin November

By Collin Miller

Quick Fact 1: The first responders to accidents in high-speed motorcycle races in Northern Ireland are motorcycle doctors. They travel at speeds upwards of 180 mph to get to the scene.

Quick fact 2: A teen injected himself with mercury at least three times in an attempt to convert his bones to metal after seeing X-men Origins: Wolverine. He also intentionally got bitten by spiders multiple times in an attempt to become like Spiderman.

Quick Fact 3: There is an annual lying competition in England, where people compete to see who can tell the biggest and most convincing lie. Politicians and lawyers are actually banned from competing.

Quick Fact 4: Mike the headless chicken survived for 28 months after his head had been chopped off, eventually dying after choking to death on a piece of food.

Quick Fact5: The loudest sound to ever be recorded on earth was the explosion of the Krakatoa volcano. The explosion could be clearly heard 3,000 miles away. The wave of air pressure created traveled around the earth 3 and a half times.

Is Immortality Really a Thing?

By Carlo Carrubba

The only beings that are known to have a sneak peak at what it is to be immortal are probably older than the Earth itself. They also have only a “sneak peak” of a brain.

One of these beings is a Tardigrade, which has a brain that connects to its dorsal area, and has the basic components to move, and stay balanced.

There are more than 700 species of this indestructible microbe and most scientists say they came to be 520 to 100 million years ago. This creature is also known as a water bear. It has eight legs, and is found active in moisturized environments, such as moss and lichens. These beings might be the toughest beings on earth, as they can survive years and years of dehydration, air deprivation, and radiation at mass levels AND EVEN OUTER SPACE!!!

To survive dehydration, this microbe shrivels up into a microscopic ball of dust, and “resuscitates” when the environment conditions improve. It does the same in outer space, and radiation as well. This microbe is certainly tougher than me, and will outlive us all.

The Tardigrade also has quite a few movie references. Such as in “Ant Man & The Wasp” (they are seen several times in the Quantum Realm), also, documentaries, and videos about Tardigrades have been made.

The next being that can be classified as having some kind of immortality is a Flatworm.  Flatworms don’t die easily: If you cut them, they will just regenerate.  Their regeneration abilities are most likely due to the large percentage of stem cells in their bodies. They also reproduce, every 5 to ten days, by dividing themselves. They split off a part of their body, and allow it to regenerate into a new worm. 80% of these beings are parasitic.

As for a brain, this worm has a brain which contains two lobes. They are somewhat capable of learning, and remembering, and the brain itself regenerates. Flatworms have eyes also. Their eyes are sensitive to the light, so they prefer to stay in dark areas of the sea during the day.

My next creature works kind of like a Flatworm (it splits). You may have been stung by it. The Jellyfish is a majestic creature but, do not get close to it, as you will have intense burning pain for a couple of hours, (some carry a fatal sting) and you won’t forget one second of your painful experience. I have been stung before. That’s how I learned not to get close to a Jellyfish.

Other than their stings, Jellyfish are pretty cool! And old. They have been around for 650 million years, which makes them the oldest multicellular creature on the planet!! Jellyfish may be mistaken for the adjective in their name, fish. Surprisingly, they are not fish. They are classified as plankton! It is useful for the Jellyfish to be able to clone(split) themselves, as this makes them almost immortal!

These majestic creatures don’t have a heart, lungs, or a brain. They are bloodless, so a heart would be useless. Their skin absorbs oxygen, so lungs would be useless. A brain would also have no use because of the way they perceive information of their surroundings: a nerve just below their epidermis.

So, if you ask me, immortality is real. But to an extent. And, for those of you that want to know the key to immortality…

All of the creatures that we talked about had either no brain, or a very basic, and oblivious one. So it looks to me, as if the key to immortality is stupidity.

Remember, it is not about how much time you have, but about how much of yourself you put into your time.

Peace out

Cat of the Month – Toes

By Catherine Rhegness

Toes is the November Cat of the Month. He is a white and brown Domestic Shorthair. He is three years and eleven days old and was brought to the humane society on November 5th. Toes is currently 11 pounds and does not have any bite history. He was brought in through a cruelty investigation and is looking for a home where he will be loved and played with. Toes would be a great addition to any family with his playful attitude and warm heart full of love.

The Humane Society can be reached at (419) 891.0705 and is located at 827 Illinois Ave, Maumee, OH 43537.

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Dog of the Month – York

By Catherine Rhegness

York is the November Dog of the Month. He is a copper-colored mixed breed. York is 2 years and 14 months old and was brought to the humane society through a cruelty investigation on November 2nd because he was found abandoned in a garage. Fully grown, he will be up to 44 pounds. York has no bite history. He loves to go on walks and is playful, but is still very lovable and always wants to give you kisses. He would be a great addition to anyone’s family that will show him love and compassion.


Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 6.51.00 PM