Restaurant of the Month – Mr. Freeze

by Catherine Rhegness

Mr. Freeze is a great place to stop for a cold ice cream on a hot day. They have anything from popsicles to huge ice cream sundaes. There is a location in Sylvania and Perrysburg. They have a variety of sizes ranging from a baby size to a large. You can either get your ice cream in a cup or cake cone. They are the home of the turtle sundae. It is vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, caramel, pecans, and whipped cream. One of my favorite treats to get is the chocolate ice cream sundae. This is a chocolate based sundae with chocolate ice cream, then chocolate sauce, then more chocolate ice cream, then more chocolate sauce and whipped cream. This soft serve ice cream is reasonably priced and is only open March-Labor Day. The Buckeye Sundae is one of my favorite sundaes. This sundae has a vanilla base with buckeyes, peanut butter sauce, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. In addition, they carry cartoon popsicles from all your favorite shows. These popsicles are creamy and cool. Lastly, their slushies are a big hit. These slushies come in cherry, grape, blue raspberry, lemon-lime, and many more! I highly recommend visiting Mr. Freeze this summer!

Restaurant of the Month – Inky’s

by Catherine Rhegness

The March restaurant of the month is Inky’s. Brothers Frank Incorvaia Sr. and John Incorvaia Sr. opened their own restaurant called Inky’s on August 6, 1957. Frank Jr. and Keith Incorvaia have taken over Inky’s since their fathers retired. Inky’s carries a variety of food but is most known for their italian meals. To start off your meal, I recommend the Inky’s cheese and garlic bread. This appetizer comes out warm and flavorful. They have many great dinner options. The italian spaghetti with meatballs is a very scrumptious option coming out fresh. The pepperoni pizza is very good and comes with a really good crust. Lastly, for dessert I recommend their homemade cheesecake. I highly recommend Inky’s and hope you give it a try.

Cat of the Month – Buttercup

by Catherine Rhegness

The March Cat of the Month is Buttercup. She is a black and white domestic shorthair mix. Buttercup has been spayed and is housetrained. She was taken into the humane society on February 4, 2019 and has been transferred to the Cat Condos at the Monroe Street PetSmart location. She is about 2 years and 11 months old and is one of the most playful cats you will ever meet. While resting, Buttercup enjoys looking out the window to bird watch. She is very friendly and would make a great family pet.

Dog of the Month – Nala

by Catherine Rhegness

Nala is the March Dog of the Month. She is a tan, large mixed breed and is over 44 pounds fully grown. Nala is a little bit older being about 10 years old but is one of the most caring and lovable dogs you will meet. She has been spayed. Unfortunately, she has arthritis in her farmost back and will need glucosamine and anti-inflammatory medication daily to help relieve Nala’s pain. She is currently half off and is seeking a forever home where her companion will be patient with her. Nala is gentle and lovable. She would be a great family pet and friend.

Dog of the Month – Eeyore

by Catherine Rhegness

This month’s dog of the month is Eeyore. He is a black and white mixed breed who is very lovable and playful. Eeyore will be a bigger dog growing up to 44 pounds. He is currently 1 one year and six months old and awaiting his forever home. He enjoys going on walks but loves to cuddle, too. I guarantee you Eeyore would become your new best friend within a minute with many great memories to come.


Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 7.46.06 AM

The Cinnamon Stick Diner and Pie Bakery Review

by Catherine Rhegness

This restaurant was very scrumptious and carried everything from pancakes to burgers. Cinnamon Stick carries melts, burgers, subs, salads, sides, sandwiches, chicken pot pie, beverages, breakfast, pies, baked goods, and ice cream. My personal favorite meal were the pancakes. The pancakes were a little crunchy, but still fluffy and rich. Their french fries were my favorite side by far. They came out hot and salty. Although all of their meals are delicious, the pies are on the top of my list. My favorite pie is definitely the Oreo. The Oreo pie has a chocolate taste but the Oreos are spread out consistently throughout it. On the top, is homemade whipped cream with an Oreo to top it off. This restaurant has a great atmosphere along with great food.

Cinnamon Stick Bakery is located at 3535 N Holland Sylvania Rd, Toledo, OH 43615.

January Cat of the Month – Kyle

by Catherine Rhegness

Kyle is the January Cat of the Month. He is a handsome domestic shorthair cat with shiny, black fur.  Kyle is an eight year old but still loves to play and is great with younger children. Unfortunately, his owner had to move to a nursing home and Kyle needs a home where he will receive love and compassion for him through this hard time. Four words to describe Kyle as are mellow, curious, playful and a social butterfly. Kyle would be one of the most caring cats you will ever meet and will melt your heart within seconds.

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