Fast Facts: Foxes

by Hutch Carter

Fox Facts

You know them, you love them, they’re foxes! Yep, this month’s theme: Foxes.

A group of foxes is called a skulk or leash

Foxes are solitary animals

Their pupils are vertical

Over 30 species

Naturally nocturnal

The babies are called kits

The whole family takes care of the kits

Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll see you next time!

Henry’s Music Corner

by Henry Cohen

Welcome to the first edition of Henry’s Music Corner! Where I choose five songs that are not complete trash and give them to you, so you can choose not to listen to them! Enjoy!

1. Come and Get Your Love, Redbone –

Come and Get Your Love is from the Redbone album Wovoka and from 1973. This song is a great song to dance to and has a bobbing beat. 9/10 Stars, great.

2. Superstitious, Stevie Wonder –

Superstitious is the premiere song on the 1972 Stevie Wonder album, Talking Book. This (again) is an amazing song to dancing and amazing instrumental with a spectacular drum beat. 7/10 Stars, good.

3. Banana Pancakes, Jack Johnson –

Banana Pancakes is a song in the album, Inbetween Dreams. This is a calming song that is amazing to listen to when in bed on a rainy day. 7/10, good.

4. Someday, The Strokes –

Someday by the Strokes is a song on the album, This Is It. This is an alternative beat that is great to listen to while walking or biking. 8/10 stars, great.

5. Down Under, Men at Work –

Down Under is the premiere song on the album, Business as Usual. This is a very good choice for everyday activities. This song has an amazing instrumental with some flute in there. 7/10 stars, good.

Dog of the Month – Truman

by Catherine Rhegness

The October Dog of the Month is Truman. He is a two-year-old black and white mixed breed. Truman is very energetic and is one of the happiest dogs you’ll meet. He is very selfless and can easily make you smile. Truman loves walks and playing with other dogs. He would make a great family dog.

Truman can be found at the Toledo Humane Society. The Humane Society is located at 827 Illinois Ave, Maumee, OH 43537. Their phone number is (419) 891-0705.

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 2.06.45 PM

Pumpkin Patch Contest

by Anastasia Rea

Are you ready for another Bear Pause contest?! This month to prepare for autumn we need you to decorate pumpkins to fill our patch! In this edition of BearPause, you will find a template. Decorate the template with any sort of materials you want. You can even use a different background material as long as it’s the same size and shape as the template. When you are done bring the pumpkin to Ms. Underwood’s office, with your name on the back and pumpkin cut out please, so it can be hung in the hall. You can make more as well to increase winning chances by picking up another template from the Bear Pause stand outside Ms. Underwood’s office. The prize will be a bag of Halloween candy and a $5 Starbucks Gift Card! The pumpkins are due October 30th @ 3 pm and on Halloween look for the ribbon next to the winning pumpkin! Good luck!

Hot or Not: TikTok

by Ali Seqide

A new trend is rocking the world. It is the reincarnation of Musically: TikTok. TikTok has rocked the world as a trend allowing for people to become famous by lip syncing songs or doing trends or something like that. So what is TikTok? It’s Musically but updated and without the child predators. TikTok has allowed for people to become known all over the world and songs that are relatively unknown to hit the mainstream. It has allowed for millions of people who lip sync in their hairbrushes in mirrors to do it in front of a camera and become famous. TikTok has unleashed a new generation of maniacs who are ready to do whatever it takes to become famous. Because of the power of TikTok and its ability to create something out of nobody, I certify TikTok as HOT.

Hot or Not: VSCO

by Ali Sediqe

And I oop sksksksksks. You all know what it’s time for. Vsco and hydroflasks and scrunchies and all that stuff. So now, I have to review it. Yay, I love my life. So VSCO is this photography editing social media app that’s currently trending. It is very trendy among the persons of the female gender. It is the cause for mass controversy, which had resulted in war between VSCO and E-girls. I personally, like most, enjoy watching this drama unfold and seeing what’s happening. Even though many will disagree, I very much dislike VSCO culture and ideology. I mean, who wants to buy a water bottle for $50-$60 when I can get a water bottle at Target for $5 at most. It is as if hydroflask are more of a sign of social status then something to drink water in. All in all, VSCO is a cult, which means, while it is hot among those ladies out there, I legally have to say VSCO is classified as a NOT.

Dog of the Month – Buck

by Catherine Rhegness

The September Dog of the month is ten year old, Buck. He was found as an injured stray who is deaf, has a heart murmur, a healing fracture in his right leg, and a couple of small masses on his body and cataracts. Buck is very kind and sweet, having gone through so much. He needs to go to a home that is patient with him and he will brighten your life. Buck is full of sunshine and hope and would make a phenominal pet.

Buck can be found at the Toledo Humane Society. They are located at 827 Illinois Ave, Maumee, OH 43537. Their phone number is (419) 891-0705.Screen Shot 2019-09-21 at 9.25.56 AM

Cat of the Month – Gracie

by Catherine Rhegness

The April Cat of the Month is Gracie. She is a grey Maine Coon/Mix. Gracie is a medium cat, only about 2 years and 2 months old. She has been housetrained and declawed. Gracie is very sweet and loves to play with her family! She is great with kids and dogs. Gracie is one of the best cats I’ve ever met and would be a great family member!

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 7.27.01 AM