Henry’s Music Corner

by Henry Cohen

Welcome to the first edition of Henry’s Music Corner! Where I choose five songs that are not complete trash and give them to you, so you can choose not to listen to them! Enjoy!

1. Come and Get Your Love, Redbone –

Come and Get Your Love is from the Redbone album Wovoka and from 1973. This song is a great song to dance to and has a bobbing beat. 9/10 Stars, great.

2. Superstitious, Stevie Wonder –

Superstitious is the premiere song on the 1972 Stevie Wonder album, Talking Book. This (again) is an amazing song to dancing and amazing instrumental with a spectacular drum beat. 7/10 Stars, good.

3. Banana Pancakes, Jack Johnson –

Banana Pancakes is a song in the album, Inbetween Dreams. This is a calming song that is amazing to listen to when in bed on a rainy day. 7/10, good.

4. Someday, The Strokes –

Someday by the Strokes is a song on the album, This Is It. This is an alternative beat that is great to listen to while walking or biking. 8/10 stars, great.

5. Down Under, Men at Work –

Down Under is the premiere song on the album, Business as Usual. This is a very good choice for everyday activities. This song has an amazing instrumental with some flute in there. 7/10 stars, good.

Author: ottawahillsbearpause

Junior High newspaper

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