Is Truth Serum a Real Thing?

by Carlo Carrubba

The truth serum has been used in action movies, Marvel comics, and briefly mentioned in the film “Wonder Woman” (in Wonder Woman, it is a bit of a different idea, though… which I will not spoil for you). Anyways, the truth serum seems like a fictional creation, but could this fictional creation be based on a real world invention? After all, many fictional movies are based upon real happenings and inventions. The truth serum could well be one of them.

So is this mystical “truth serum” real?

In all truth… I don’t know.

But that is what we’re going to find out.

First of all, let us define the term “truth serum”. Serum means “a watery fluid” in Latin. This means that the truth serum is logically, a fluid designed to (when inserted into the subject, usually intravenously) force the subject to tell the truth. These substances are classified as barbiturates.

After some scavenging on the World Wide Web, I found a website that wrote of something in resemblance to a truth serum. Our real-life truth serum could be any psychoactive substance. These substances of truth are now considered a form of torture, as they induce an involuntary state of mind. The way they work is by messing with the subject’s cognitive function. They do this by slowing down the communication between the brain and spinal cord. This could be a violation of the Fifth Amendment (the right to remain silent).

The reliability of intravenous barbiturate interrogation is very shaky. This method of interrogation does not prevent the person who is being interrogated from telling lies but rather increases the chance one has of revealing important information because of the inability of the victim to censor his or her thoughts.

However, there is always a catch and this time… here it is: although the subject is unable to censor their thoughts, there is not a 100% chance that those thoughts are true. The person that is affected by this substance is actually very likely to fabricate their thoughts and as always, there have been some people that have resisted interrogation by barbiturates, which disproves its reliability.

In conclusion, there is no truth serum. Well. Now that your dreams are crushed go ahead and enjoy the rest of the BearPause.

Peace Out.

Author: ottawahillsbearpause

Junior High newspaper

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