Hot or Not: VSCO

by Ali Sediqe

And I oop sksksksksks. You all know what it’s time for. Vsco and hydroflasks and scrunchies and all that stuff. So now, I have to review it. Yay, I love my life. So VSCO is this photography editing social media app that’s currently trending. It is very trendy among the persons of the female gender. It is the cause for mass controversy, which had resulted in war between VSCO and E-girls. I personally, like most, enjoy watching this drama unfold and seeing what’s happening. Even though many will disagree, I very much dislike VSCO culture and ideology. I mean, who wants to buy a water bottle for $50-$60 when I can get a water bottle at Target for $5 at most. It is as if hydroflask are more of a sign of social status then something to drink water in. All in all, VSCO is a cult, which means, while it is hot among those ladies out there, I legally have to say VSCO is classified as a NOT.

Author: ottawahillsbearpause

Junior High newspaper

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