Jeffree Star Makeup Stolen

by Riley “Thursday” Cummins

Jeffree Star recently had 2.5 million dollars worth of his makeup stolen. Jeffree has been working on a new concealer formula for years now and was ready to drop the new product in the upcoming months. The concealer had been created and was sitting in a warehouse while the marketing was perfected. It is suspected a group of people who were familiar with the warehouse and Star’s products broke in while security was away and took a number of products. While many details haven’t been released, word has been flying around about who did it. A couple of days after the robbery, a photo went up on a Facebook marketplace of Jeffree Star’s makeup that hadn’t been released yet to the public. The post has since been removed, and the woman that posted the photo is being investigated. 

Jeffree Star released a video stating “This last month has been a roller coaster.” His new line, which has been very successful, Blue Blood, was just released with jaw-dropping sales. It seemed to be a great time for him before the robbery.

In the video, Jeffree stated a lot of other things in the video, giving the full of tea, about the whole situation. He warns if you see any of the stolen makeup, it will not have a holographic outer covering, to report this immediately. He said that they are still tracking down the people involved, and you can get frequent updates on his Twitter feed if you would like.

Author: ottawahillsbearpause

Junior High newspaper

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