Is Standardized Testing Beneficial?

by Anastasia Rea

Standardized Testing. The thing every single student dreads every single spring. The sitting around for hours on end. Doing very boring, long tests. And is it even really worth it?

The answer to that question is a big NO. Standardized testing is not beneficial. For one thing, it doesn’t go on college transcripts. Standardized testing is essentially the government’s way of keeping tabs on how every student is doing. However, I believe that the government could eliminate these tests and just take an overall sample of how the school is doing from grades. 

Standardized testing also isn’t really proving anything. Because let’s be totally honest. While we were taking those tests all month at some point we all got to a question and said “WHAT THE HECK! We never even talked about that stuff in class!” I think we all know that completely took a (more or less) educated guess at least one answer. So, if that throws the charts than what is the government really looking at?

Another important point is that testing is just way too long. Part A to that is no one can sit still and be quiet for that long much less focus in such a huge room filled with so many other people. Part B is that it takes away from class time as the end of the school year ends and teachers are finishing up their curriculums. The time limit is unreasonable and asking schools to give up too much precious classroom time.

Standardized testing. The tests that prove nothing and count for even less. Could we go on in life without it? My answer a definite yes.

Author: ottawahillsbearpause

Junior High newspaper

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