Are Psychics Really A Thing?

by Carlo Carrubba

We’ve seen them in T.V. shows, sometimes at festivals, and also lurking in dark alleys of the streets… Psychics. The question everyone is asking is “are they legit?” As we embark on this perilous (web)quest, we will uncover the truth about their “Magic”. Finally, for the question that no one wants to answer, have you been played by these “swindlers?”

An example of a very ancient Psychic can be found in the Aeneid. Although this person is not real, it shows how, from the beginning of time, humans have felt the need to obtain responses on the future. Since the beginning of time, Psychics have taken advantage of those who fall into their grasp. The example I am talking about is the Cumean Sybil. This ancient (fake) Psychics story, as written in the Aeneid, was of the like: Apollo asked for this beautiful woman’s love. She denied (so savage). She did ask for one thing though… she asked to see as many birthdays, as the grains of sand in her hand. (that she had picked up). She also forgot to ask for one thing: eternal youth. So, she retired to a chamber, in a cave, where she sat patiently decaying, foretelling what would happen to the people who asked for her help. However, she did know one thing…

The Cumean Sybil was a master of deception.

When warriors asked her whether they would return from war, she gave everyone the same answer:”Ibis redibis, non morieris in bello.” Which means, “you will come back, not die in war”. But what she knew that others did not, was that by changing the position of one comma, she changed the meaning of the phrase entirely. Her knowledge proved to be a lifesaver. If a warrior came back, she was successful. If a warrior died, when relatives came to her, asking for her explanation of what she had foretold, she would manipulate what she had earlier said, by moving the comma one word to the right. That would change what the sentence said, and the oracle would come out as “ibis redibis non, morieris in bello.” Which means “come back you will not, you will die in battle.” That is how one of the first Psychic took advantage of its “followers.”

To test whether Psychics are legitimate, I decided to look at whether Psychics foretold the truth, or by using tricks to subliminally persuade you into believing their predictions. What I found did not surprise me.

They use mind tricks. And lots of them.

The first of these is to predict a general version of everybody, as to try to widen their chances of predicting what you feel about yourself, or what you want to happen in the future.

That leads us to our second trick. These Psychics generally tell you what you want to hear, or what you believe to be true. These two “tricks” are combined into one, and they are called the Forer Effect. This phenomenon is not magic. It is merely the fruit of a vague description of an average person. Yet another swindle a Psychic or Medium may put on one of his/her clients is to let them do most of the work themselves. They start out by being very vague, and once they have developed a skima on their client, they get more and more precise in their inferences, and

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finally can make an educated guess, on what turn your life will take in the foreseeable future.

Apart from having the methods to be as vague, and accurate as possible at the same time, Psychics also have the tools to save themselves if they mess up. For example, if they say something very vague that does not apply to your client, they could branch off of what was just said, and make your statement even more vague.

Unfortunately, I could not find any information on the internet that said that Psychics are proven to have powers, and should be trusted 100%. Therefore, what I have concluded from my research is that there are no real Psychics. Merely talented actors shining through in

this kind of career.

I shall now answer the question I was doomed to answer since the beginning of this article… have you been played by these masters of deception?

To make a long conclusion short: yes. If you have ever gone to a Psychic, sorry to break to you, but, you have been taken advantage of. I wish you the best of luck in the future.

Peace out.

Author: ottawahillsbearpause

Junior High newspaper

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