What are Alternate Personalities?

by Riley “Thursday” Cummins

Alternate personalities have been around in our society for a while now and continue to grow. The definition of alternate personalities is pretty loose, but this is the definition I’m going with for this article. “Alternate Personalities; the usual integrity of the personality breaks down and two or more independent personalities emerge”

TO BE CLEAR: This is NOT about multiple personality disorder! This is only about alternate personalities.

Alternate personalities have many different meanings. I spoke with an Instagram friend of mine @starfacedgal, and she told me about her personality.

Me: “So first, what is your best way to describe Star Faced Gal?”

Star: “She’s a creative outlet for me where I can let go of all the restrictions I have normally and just express myself through her art and style. She allows me to have a new piercing or hairstyle, or an attitude despite what I normally look like.”

Me: “How did Star transition into your life? Was it just a fun idea you had or was it something more than that?”

Star: “I’ve been hand drawing my star (on my cheek) for almost two years and a few months ago I wondered what I would look like with more stars and I thought that ideally I should be entirely covered in them so I did exactly that and I captured it with my camera and decided to show people.”

Me: “You mentioned that Star was a good creative outlet for you. What are some of your other creative outlets and do they tie in with Star in any way?”

Star: “Yes! I do acrylic painting sometimes and I’ve made a self-portrait that has a star as the face which was really fun. I also cross stitch and make videos but those are just for me.”

So in the end, alternate personalities can be good creative outlets for people, including you. I encourage you to find that different versions of yourself and explore it creatively.

Author: ottawahillsbearpause

Junior High newspaper

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