Weezer: Black Album – A Review

by Owen Krupp

On March 1st the alternative rock band Weezer released their 14th album called “Weezer (Black Album). It is an album many fans have been waiting for, for a few months. In my opinion, it is a good album but it is a big leap from their other albums. It includes their specialty, rock, and a few electronic instruments and techniques. Below I listed their songs, and then a rating out of five.

Can’t Knock The Hustle: Rating: 4 stars

Zombie B#$%@!s: Rating: 3 stars

High As A Kite: Rating: 4 stars

Living In L.A.: Rating: 5 stars

Explanation: This is a great song; it has a good mix of acoustics and an electronic feel.

Piece Of Cake: Rating: 2 stars

Explanation: This song is ok; it is not like their others and doesn’t have enough bass to it.

I’m Just Being Honest: Rating: 4 stars

Too Many Thoughts In My Head: Rating: 2 stars

The Prince Who Wanted Everything: Rating: 3 stars

Byzantine: Rating: 3 stars

California Snow: Rating: 4 stars

Author: ottawahillsbearpause

Junior High newspaper

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