What To Do With Nothing To Do

by Emme DeMilt

Beauty and the Beast is over. No more practices, no more shows, no more makeup. It’s sad, yes. Especially since I now have all this free time. Since I do year-round sports, I always have some time devoted to doing something. Also, Newsies is starting soon as well. But the question still remains: What am I going to do when I don’t have anything? It is so weird to get all my homework done before 9 and not have to practice lines or song lyrics. At first, it feels weird but then you get used to it and you LOVE all the free time. Now I have so many things I can do after school! Relax watch some T.V, get some exercise. It is so weird to be able to sit down and be home before 4. It’s depressing at first to feel like you have nothing to do, but then you get used to it and you never want to go back again. It is amazing to think that months of practice can go away quicker than a snap but it sure does feel good to kick back and relax. I will miss Beuty and the Beast and all my friends and the fun times. But hey with Newsies practices starting I will not even have time to think about how uncomfortable it felt not to be at rehearsal. Because I will be just with a lot of older high school students… Fun! But then again it will be fun to dance and jump around and flip in a costume that will be hard to break and that you can sit down in, so not so bad after all.

Author: ottawahillsbearpause

Junior High newspaper

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