Happy Death Day 2U: Movie Review

by Riley “Thursday” Cummins

Happy Death Day 2U is the perfect image of what a fallen franchise looks like. The first film Happy Death Day follows college student Tree who suddenly finds herself stuck in a time loop on her birthday. The cherry on top was there was someone out to kill her. It was a mashup of Groundhog Day and a slasher film as every time Tree died the day reset. While the movie had scary themes, there was a strong sense of a comedy. The film was overall very good. There was a nice balance from scary-ness and comedy making it watchable for really anyone. Happy Death Day 2U, however, took a different approach.


In Happy Death Day 2U, the film begins to follow Tree’s boyfriend’s roommate. He gets warped into this time loop somehow just as Tree did. Tree and her boyfriend Carter decide to help out the roommate. But unfortunately, Tree gets sucked back into the loop.


Now, everything is different and there is a different killer after her. This time, the killer is coming after all of them.


The premise was interesting merging Groundhog Day, Scream, and now Back to the Future 2. 2U took a stronger approach in comedy than horror and slasher. The film had cheesy montages, dramatic slow motion scenes, and others like that.


A lot of the horror came from someone walking very slowly in a hallway or something like that, nothing really new or different from anything you see in every other mainstream horror film. And to a lot of people’s disappointment, the film had a lot less action and slasher elements.


I love comedy and horror movies, so when I saw the first one and realized they mixed the two genres I had to see it. But 2U felt very unbalanced. They would focus on one thing, and then jump to something else, and on and on until the film ended. For a sequel, I’m glad it took another direction than the first film. Did I like that direction? No. But kudos to them for taking a risk and not just making a remake of the first film.


3/5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐

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Junior High newspaper

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