The Government Shutdown

By Michael Lin

Lots of you know the news, the government is in a shutdown. According to a government shutdown “occurs when Congress cannot resolve budget disagreements for the upcoming fiscal year and stops all but essential federal services. It affects a large number of federal employees, not including military personnel and necessary staff. The shutdown continues until the government is able to negotiate a new budget bill”.

I am going to analyze the two points of view, those who are pro-shutdown and those who believe it is unnecessary. Please keep in mind that I have an opinion so I might be biased. Your thoughts are yours too.

For some background, the main players in the shutdown are President Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Donald Trump is a Republican and Nancy is Democrat. This shutdown has focused on the government providing funds for a border wall that President Trump had promised during his original presidential campaign years ago. He had promised that Mexico would pay for the wall but is now requesting that American citizens pay for the wall. The Democratic party, for the most part, does not support this wall or having American citizens pay for it. President Trump has initiated this shutdown due to the budget disagreement over the wall.

So, most people know that Nancy Pelosi and President Trump are fighting over funds for the wall, but what have their disputes gotten too? And how are their disputes affecting citizens? Nancy is resolute into not giving Trump funds for his border wall. She has recently canceled Trump’s annual speech at the State of Union in order to pressure him into canceling his shutdown. I do think Trump is a little too aggressive, America has a couple trillions of debts, and he still wants 5.7 billion dollars for a wall. In contrast, Russian also made a wall for border protection, but it cost way less and is still deemed effective. Yes I know I am talking about another country, but it is to show that Trump may be asking for too much money.

This government shutdown has currently been the longest yet in American history. It also doesn’t look like its going to end soon. With two leaders staring at each other not backing down, we might face problems. The direct issue is the hundreds of thousands of workers are not getting their paycheck. People are forming organizations to support their families. If the shutdown doesn’t end soon, everyone will be affected. Luckily, Trump has signed a bill that workers will get back payed when the government is working again.

Trump is under a lot of pressure at the moment to end the shutdown. Citizens are struggling to pay bills, signs of the fight being over are not seen, and people are unhappy with the length of the shutdown. Trump tried to ask other Democrats to help him, but he quickly found out that the Democrats are unified. Now Trump and his administration are trying to find creative ways to delay effects of the shutdown. Still, news has leaked out of how bad the problem is. They thought that the shutdown will subtract 0.1% from economic growth every two weeks. Now it is every week. This makes the situation worse and the USA didn’t prepare for it. Furthermore, food stamps are becoming a big problem with unpaid workers applying for aid. The government can’t afford food stamps for 38 million.

There is one hope, however…

If both the Senate and House of Representatives approve a bill, it becomes law in 10 days. Some Republicans are considering collaborating with the Democrats to create a compromise. This is probably the last option Republicans will take, however. Democrats aren’t backing off anytime soon and don’t seem willing to negotiate.

In conclusion, we probably have a high chance of many citizens going into poverty. There is no clear end for the shutdown. Trump has agreed to lower the wall funding to 2.5 billion from the initial 5 billion, and Democrats still refuse.

They aren’t even negotiating. I believe the shutdown is ruining America. Only the future can tell if America will be able to come together for the needs of its people.

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Author: ottawahillsbearpause

Junior High newspaper

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