The Cinnamon Stick Diner and Pie Bakery Review

by Catherine Rhegness

This restaurant was very scrumptious and carried everything from pancakes to burgers. Cinnamon Stick carries melts, burgers, subs, salads, sides, sandwiches, chicken pot pie, beverages, breakfast, pies, baked goods, and ice cream. My personal favorite meal were the pancakes. The pancakes were a little crunchy, but still fluffy and rich. Their french fries were my favorite side by far. They came out hot and salty. Although all of their meals are delicious, the pies are on the top of my list. My favorite pie is definitely the Oreo. The Oreo pie has a chocolate taste but the Oreos are spread out consistently throughout it. On the top, is homemade whipped cream with an Oreo to top it off. This restaurant has a great atmosphere along with great food.

Cinnamon Stick Bakery is located at 3535 N Holland Sylvania Rd, Toledo, OH 43615.

Author: ottawahillsbearpause

Junior High newspaper

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