Memes from the Past

by Riley “Thursday” Cummins

Memes – Something so special to our society. We have seen them come and go. Now that it’s the new year, 2019, it is time to acknowledge some memes that have died in 2018. It is time for us all to gather around a phone and reflect on things we once thought were funny but are now cringy and borderline irritating. If you were wondering, a meme is a piece of media that is shared and copied through the internet (this is the definition we will be using for the purpose of this article). When a meme “dies” it simply means that it is no longer being shared through sources and is left to rot at the bottom of Instagram feeds.

Here is a list of the top ten memes that will not be missed in 2019.

10. “Cash me outside”

9. “Know da way”

8. “Tide Pods”

7. “The Yodeling Kid”

6. “The Lobster”

5. “Big Chungus”

4. “Spagett”

3. “Flashback Mary”

2. “The Dab”

1. “The Floss”

May we never see you again!

Author: ottawahillsbearpause

Junior High newspaper

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