How Old is “Old”?

By Anastasia Rea

Have you ever heard anyone say “I feel so old?” or around birthdays “I’m getting so old?” Do you notice people say that all the time? Which brings us to an interesting thought, how old is old? I personally have recently had my 14th birthday, and I don’t think I’m that old. However, I’m older than someone in kindergarten, or 4th grade. I’m older than newborn babies. But, I’m also younger than some people. Everyone’s grandparents, parents, or people in 12th grade or even 10th grade.

So, are your parents old? Or are they just older? We still don’t know how old is old. The average human life in the United States 79 years old. If we divide that in half then you have 39.5 years. When you turn 40 then are you old? That doesn’t seem that old. To take me for example again I’m already 28% of the way there. That’s not that much longer to wait. My parents would be old then….

79 years old is just the average. You can beat the average. So let’s say you beat it by ten years. You would almost be 90. So 45 could be old? No here’s what I think. Let’s say that 25 years before 90 is old. Then 65 would be old. That seems fair. I think that when you turn 65 that can be considered old.

But, maybe it doesn’t matter how old is old. Maybe all that matters is that we use those years to make an impact on the world. Maybe if we all do our best to make sure that those years aren’t wasted then we could create a beautiful world, because age really isn’t what’s important.

Author: ottawahillsbearpause

Junior High newspaper

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