DIY Christmas Gifts

by Catherine Rhegness

Not all presents have to be store-bought, you can make unique and useful gifts, too!

A cute thing you can make for your dog is a homemade bow tie! The materials you need for this project is fabric, a sewing machine, thread, ruler, seam gauge, scissors, buttons, pins, and an optional hot glue gun. You can see the directions at

Another easy-to-make gift idea are pom pom penguins!  The materials include a low-temp hot glue gun, scissors, a pom pom maker, knit picks brava worsted yarn (black and white), felt (golden, strawberry, and smoke), metallic pipe cleaners (silver and red), and ¼” black beads. Visit this website to get step-by-step directions!

The next go to gift is the watercolor planters. All you need include a terracotta pot, sponge paint brush, wonderbone bonding primer, white acrylic paint, plastic bucket of rub, nail polish and a wood skewer. The directions are on

Are you looking for a new, beautiful, and unique phone case? Then this gift is for you. For this phone case you need pressed dried flowers, flat, solid white iPhone case, clear craft glue, tape, scissors, parchment paper, ruler, thin-tip permanent markers, timer, 2 clear plastic cups, 2 wooden craft sticks, 50/50 clear-casting epoxy resin, acetone, Q-tips, and optionally glitter. Read the steps on

Lastly, an elegant gift you can make is a snow globe. The materials needed are clean jars with lids, distilled water, glycerin, plastic or ceramic animals, trees and/or figurines, tinsel glitter, epoxy, and sandpaper. Read the step-by-step directions on

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