The Meaning Behind Thanksgiving

By Aava Paudel

An American holiday of Thanksgiving is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday in November. This, being an autumn festive holiday, we recognize it as the main season for harvesting crops.

On this day Americans gather with friends and family to spend time together and give thanks. The most famous feast of Thanksgiving dinner is roasted turkey, a large bird native to North America, cooked with a mix of celery, bread, onions and spices in within itself.

Most families follow the traditional Thanksgiving traditions, however, there are many things that have evolved over the years. Some families travel great distances across the states to be with the family to enjoy the spirit of Thanksgiving.

There’s a lot more happening beyond the Thanksgiving table and the spirit of thanksgiving. There are parades held in towns across the United States, races named “Turkey Trot” are held in cities and towns and so much more.

There are, however, individual(s) that are not able to celebrate this great day. Charities and communities organize food drives to help these individuals also have a lovely holiday. These donations are kindly accepted since of course, this is a holiday for giving thanks.

Since America is a melting pot of cultures, there are many families that have their own way of celebrating this joyful holiday, of course with their own twist. Thanksgiving, as cited by many sources, isn’t a religious matter (though it could be), but is more centered towards gratitude. Thanksgiving is a day where you thank people that have had the most impact on your life. It’s a day where you show gratitude towards people you love and show them that you care.

Although you could do this any other day, Thanksgiving is also a day with lots of family reunions. Some people don’t get to see their family as much as others do, and Thanksgiving is a chance to do that. It’s a day where many are free of worries and surrounded by love.

 Thanksgiving is a national holiday dedicated to gratitude and respect for others. On this day we are bringing all our friends and families together and showing them our love, respect, and gratitude. This holiday has been proven to be an important part of American culture, bringing us all together as a nation.

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