Uncontacted, Untouched, Truly Isolated

By: Collin Miller

Along the Andaman islands, located in North Sentinel islands, a group of indigenous people lives. The Sentinelese. When you think of an isolated society, you probably think of a tribe of indigenous people in Brazil, located along the Amazon river, but the Sentinels are different. Located on North Sentinel island of the Andaman Island, it is completely illegal to go anywhere near the Island, as not to spread disease, along with the fact that they fire a barrage of arrows at any who comes near. Drone footage and pictures have been taken of them, and when the government tried to contact them via helicopter, as usual, they attacked it with arrows.

The intelligence of the Sentinels is unknown, but they appear to have discovered fire and made tools, but that’s all we know. We don’t even know if they have a language. The first time they were contacted though was in the 1800’s when a group of explorers tried to find them. They looked across the whole island, but only found an elderly couple and children, who were brought back to the mainland. They almost immediately felt sick and died from being exposed to pathogens that their immune systems had never experienced before.

The most gruesome story though is when two fishermen, after a long day of work, put their anchor down and fell asleep. A rope had given way, and their boat started drifting. Fellow fishermen in other boats tried to scream and warn them of the incoming danger, but it was too late. The men were attacked and killed. The Indian coast guard tried to recover the bodies using a helicopter, but per usual, were meant with a volley of arrows. Photographs from the helicopter showed the tribesman running to a fire, and the downdraft expelled from the helicopter’s exposed the two fishermen, buried in shallow graves. Contrary to local rumor, the men hadn’t been eaten or roasted. Just imagine if we dropped a flashlight onto the shores of Sentinel Island or a lighter. These people are living hundred upon hundreds of years in the past, and they’re a living time bomb, just waiting to be set off.



Author: ottawahillsbearpause

Junior High newspaper

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