Fall Fashion

By Emme DeMilt

Yes, Ottawa Hills you are right. It’s sweater weather!! That means we have to throw those shorts out the window and bring in our jeans and sweats. But we need to find the best fashion so you can look on fleek this season. But we won’t just stop at fashion we will also talk about workout clothes and the comfiest P.Js to sleep in.

Let’s start at the basics. Sweaters! Now, guys, you can maybe skip this paragraph and go down to the next one unless you want to find soft comfy stylish sweaters. With all of the cold weather, you need something stylish and cute to wear indoors other than your jacket. Sweaters from Old Navy and H&M are so nice and cute and comfy. They come in all different sizes and patterns that you can snag to look like a model this fall. And maybe even next!

Now if you want to look gorgeous and you want to be comfy you might opt out for a dressy outfit. For the girls out there you might want a dress skirt, or cute jeans and a nice top. For the guys out there you might need some khakis and a dress shirt. If you are a girl and want some cute dresses to check out Nordstrom, Anthropology, and Forever 21. And with this season coming up you might need a wedding or dance dress. To get these Lulus is a good place to get adorable dresses for a decent price of fewer than 100 dollars. If you are a guy Old Navy is a good place to get nicely priced fall clothing. Also, you can go to the next luxury for ideas on what clothes to put together.

Now for workout clothes. You can get some nice clothes that will keep you warm and absorb your sweat from Under Armour. Also if you want a step up for stylish Adidas has got your back. Very nice and comfy with shoes you can also use for everyday fashion use. And also Lululemon has those pants and tops that you will want to wear every time you workout. With patterns for girls and guys. You will look on fleek at the gym, soccer practice, or even everyday lunchtime. So remember to check these out online or even in the store.

Are you stocked up? Are you ready to show off your new fall closet? Did you get sweaters for sweater weather? Get Ready for Fall Ottawa Hills because it is approaching so quickly.

Author: ottawahillsbearpause

Junior High newspaper

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