Beauty and the Beast Casting

By Emme DeMilt

This month we had tryouts for the Ottawa Hills Junior Musical. The musical this year will be Beauty and the Beast Jr. Beauty and the Beast Jr is based off the Disney classic from 1991. The show, for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, is based on the story of a girl trapped inside a castle by a beast, who is really a prince under a spell. Will they learn to live together or will the story end in tragedy? The final show will run from February 8-10, 2019. In this musical, Mr. Darrin Broadway and Mrs. Kimberly Manchur are the directors and leaders of the casting they announced these rolls on October 10th…


Belle-Ella Douglas

Beast-Zane Gerlach

Gaston-Luke Gnepper

Lumiere- Samuel Smithberger

Cogsworth-Riley Cummins

Mrs.Potts-Libby Hagenbuch

Maurice-Collin Miller

Lefou-Charlie Estes

Babette-Sadie Dale

Madame- Emerson DeMilt

Chip-Tommy Hopkins

Narrator 1-Breckin Miller

Narrator 2- Hutch Carter

Narrator 3-Sam Brown

Narrator 4-Lauren Berryman

Narrator 5-Olivia Bridges

Mssrs. D’Arque-Miles Weaver, Matthias Weaver

Silly Girls-Rose Hajjar, Karis Connelly, Quinn Culler, Sophia Del’verne, Claire Rotman

Hat Seller-Noah Hamilton

Bookseller- Henry Cohen

Aristocrat Lady- Haley Gibson

Enchantress- Elena Allred

Milkmaid- Maya Gray

Egg Man- Andrew Sturtz

Lady with Baby- Abby Pomeranz

Fish Man-Evan Brown

Sausage Curl Girl- Alexa Potts

Lady with Cane- Jillian Sandelin

Candle Man- Sahil Parikh

Baker- Tobias Stevens

Butcher- Rayyan Alvi

Shepherd Boy- Griffin Wilson

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Junior High newspaper

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