Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Jurassic Park (Spoiler-Free)

by Barrett Downing

Movie Review

Jurassic World II was a masterpiece of a movie. The visuals were amazing, and I can confidently put it in my top 20. When I saw it in theaters, I may or may not have been fangirling over Chris Pratt. The rotten tomatoes score was 5.6/10, which I disagree with quite a bit. The movie was exciting, the newest addition to their mutant dinosaurs was amazing and genuinely pretty terrifying. The only weak part was the beginning, and if (when) you see the movie you’ll see why. It’s worth seeing, whether you’re a hardcore Jurassic Fan or just a movie goer in general.

My Score: 7.8/10

MAMs (Most amazing parts): The roof scene, the auction.

LAMs (Least amazing parts): The entire beginning.

Movie RE-view

Jurassic Park is an older one, and many would agree it’s a classic. We’ve all dreamed of giant beasts roaming alongside us, whether they be of magical origin or scientific. I think that the first installment in the Jurassic franchise fulfilled our dreams of dinosaurs walking among us. We could imagine ourselves in the movie, staring in awe at gentle giants until things turn horribly south. The entire movie is jam-packed full of action, spilling from the sides even. This is a must-see, although the dinosaurs themselves aren’t as awe-inspiring as the new installments.

My Score: 9.7/10

MAMs: The raptor attack, the fence escape.

LAMs: The ending left us wanting more, which could be good or bad.

jurassic park

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